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I taught at Atlanta Institute of Music for most of the 1990's, where I enjoyed and benefited from the camaraderie with other instructors and the students.  I had lessons with and participated in clinics given by many of the greats, including John Scofield, Wayne Krantz, Paul Gilbert, Mike Stern, Jason Becker, Tony Macalpine, Jennifer Batten, Steve Morse, Shawn Lane, Vinnie Moore, Jimmy Herring, and many others. 

I always seemed to have a natural predilection for teaching music.  My mother was a vocal music teacher in public school for 40 years, so maybe it came naturally.  Always considering myself a player first I tirelessly worked and studied in a continual effort to improve and learn from all musicians I came in contact with.  I enjoy sharing thoughts and discoveries with others. 

I currently teach on Mondays in Buckhead at Maple Street Guitars.  I have taught beginners in the past, but currently feel I have more to offer to people who have already been playing for at least a couple of years and are looking to push ahead to the next level. 

I have successfully worked with thousands of students over the years.  Some of them work in recording and touring bands, are successful guitar instructors, or have published articles in national music publications.  All of them love music and love developing and expanding their abilities.

About Me


Over the years I have shared the stage with quite a few notable musicians, including Martha and the Vandellas, the Drifters, Texas guitar legend Chris Duarte, Steve Morse, members of Steely Dan, the Buddy Rich Band, and others.  I enjoy playing my original music and imaginative covers for everyone who wants to listen.


Sid Wolf

Some areas where I can help:

  1. Lead playing - Blues, Rock, Jazz and Hybrid styles.
  2. Finger-style playing and hybrid picking.
  3. Classical pieces played with a pick (fun to play and they make GREAT picking studies).
  4. Jazz-style, chord, melody and comping using standards and other types of songs.
  5. Improvisation - single note and chordal.
  6. Systematically building a usable chord vocabulary.
  7. Improvement of technique using exercises that are musical, highly variable, and that never become boring.